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Our industry leading clinical notes software will transform the way you treat patients.

Powering Treatments & Empowering Practitioners

Built on practitioner input, TM3 delivers the clinical notes solution that you have been waiting for. Our new features make note taking far more efficient, flexible and engaging for patients than ever before.

TM3 clinical notes is nothing like other note-taking software. Our clinical notes solution works with you, maximising interactions and time spent treating patients. With new data protection regulations in place such as GDPR, clinical notes ensures all of your notes are stored safely in one place.

Multi Device Functionality

TM3 Sketchpad

Our clinical notes tool allows you to incorporate live imaging and freehand drawing into your patient notes. Easily annotate trigger points, note irregularities or highlight areas of pain whilst articulating important information to patients.

With TM3’s clinical notes, you have the flexibility to:

  • Upload your own images
  • Take live pictures
  • Size and scale images to customise your patient record
  • Compare multiple images side by side
  • Get creative with interactive drawing tools
  • Highlight areas of pain and annotate trigger points

Clinical Notes Software

Scores and Goals

All business processes should have goals and your patient treatments are no different. TM3’s scores and goals feature allows you to track patient progress by setting an end goal and works as an amazing motivational tool.

  • Create and assign goals with your patient
  • Score your patient's progress against a defined goal
  • Customise scores and goals to suit your patient
  • Articulate outcomes using graphs and charts
  • Quickly access scores and goals history in your summary panel

Scores and goals
Time Stamped Clinical Software

Previous Medical History

Following your patients’ medical history during their time at your clinic is made easy with TM3. Consistent and accurate information only requires verification, saving you and your colleagues valuable time.

Touch Screen Clinical Notes

Spell Check

Our web-based application allows you to benefit from your browser's native spell-check function, significantly reducing typos and errors that would need corrected at a later date.

Exercise Programs

Pre-populated Meds & Vaccinations

Keeping on top of patient medications and vaccinations can be a challenge. TM3 provides you with a list of commonly prescribed medications and vaccinations that can be customised to suit your practice.

Flags and Alerts

There are often potential barriers surrounding patient recovery which can be challenging to identify. TM3’s flags and alerts tool helps you to keep track of important alerts and flag patient records to clinic staff. As with most of our features, alerts can be customised to suit the needs of your practice.

  • Customise flags and alerts to suit your patients’ circumstances
  • Flags and alerts follow the patient throughout their entire journey
  • Alert staff members to patient specific issues
  • Colour code your flags to identify severity or importance
  • Automatically generate flags based on clinical findings

Flags and alerts

Configurable Templates

Your practice management software should be fully flexible to allow you to customise your clinical notes to your needs. TM3’s clinical notes tool was designed in collaboration with practitioners around the world, ensuring templates are best fit for your clinic, simple to use and configure.

  • Fully configurable notes to suit your treatment style
  • Standardise your clinical notes across your clinic’s treatments ensuring all practitioners follow the same templates
  • Streamline note taking with pre-populated assessments and treatments
  • All consultations are date and time stamped to ensure an accurate audit trail

Configurable Templates

Clinical Reporting

Measuring the effectiveness of your treatments is incredibly important, not only for your clinical records and the patient but also for any 3rd party such as insurance company referrals. TM3’s Clinical Reporting tool gives you invaluable insight into practice performance, allowing you to apply the right resources to the right treatments.

  • Keep track of your clinic’s current caseload and distribution amongst practitioners
  • The discharge analysis gives you a breakdown of average treatments per case
  • Easily breakdown admission details including date, body site and diagnostic code
Clinical Reporting
martin mcgeough
I would definitely recommend TM3 clinical notes to any practitioner. It’s extremely flexible and works on any device. It makes practising so much easier and my patients love it, especially scores and goals! TM3 clinical notes will help future proof my practice.

David Newman, Hantscare Physiotherapy Clinic


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