Attract Patients

Attracting new patients in a competitive industry can be challenging. TM3 provides you with the tools you need to attract and connect with patients 24/7.

Online Bookings

We live in a culture of convenience; customers like to be able to book things the way they like and at a time that suits them.

Our Online Bookings tool opens your clinic to receiving bookings 24/7, ensuring you cater to those working shifts or unable to call for appointments when suffering from pain late at night.

Online Bookings


TM3 is set up with automatic text reminders to help combat DNAs.

In addition to this, you can set up automatic notifications that let customers know whenever someone cancels an appointment and a space has opened up. Clients have reported a 90% reduction in DNAs by using this simple feature.

Text reminders
Create New Patients

New Patients

TM3 removes outdated processes and maximises efficiency by creating a new patient whilst creating their booking.



TM3’s beautifully designed diary makes it easier than ever to manage your appointments.



TM3’s reporting tools provide you with powerful charts to help you analyse your new patient rates.

24/7 Reception

With TM3’s 24/7 Reception service, you can easily overcome barriers such as having no receptionist or engaged phonelines that are preventing your business from reaching its potential.

Our 24/7 Reception Service is the only service in the industry with staff fully trained in clinic operations who are available 24/7.

24/7 Reception
Tom Fielding
Since moving to a practice management system filing and storage are major headaches I don’t have to worry about whilst running a busy clinic. What seemed to be a small change in the near term has added up to make significant benefits in the long term.

Tom Fielding, Osteopath at Hub Health


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