World Physical Therapy Day : Celebrate with TM3!

Posted 1 September 2016 in , tm3 news, business and marketing, events
World Physical Therapy Day

World Physical Therapy Day was started by WCPT way back in 1996, a full 20 years ago when Spice Girls were number 1 in the charts with Wannabe.

What is World Physical Therapy Day?

This year’s theme focuses on an important subject for all therapists - Movement For Health. The campaign message is ‘Add life to Years’. The reasoning behind the theme is due to the recent findings in the WHO’s World Report on Ageing and Health.

How to take part

WCPT have kindly created an awesome toolkit to help physical therapists convey their campaign’s key messages:

Physical therapists help older people be independent, improving their quality of life and reducing health care costs. Physical therapists address the non-communicable diseases which compromise independence in older age. Structured and tailored exercise programmes are often essential to promote independence in older people.

The toolkit comprises of leaflets, posters, stickers and can be found here. The day will be widely publicised on social media, using the #addlifetoyears and #WorldPTDay hashtags.

Kickstart the celebrations with up to 20% off TM3

As much as we feel there should be an entire month dedicated to honouring Physical Therapy, we are more than happy to celebrate even harder for one day! Join TM3 on the 8th September, to applaud the super amazing work performed by physical therapists around the world. To celebrate, we are offering new clients a very special 10% off TM3, and a huge 20% off for Physio First Members, for six months. This offer will run for one day only - 8th September. To avail of this very special offer, click the following link and complete the contact form. You can also find out why over 10,000 practitioners love TM3 here.

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