What Is New With TM3?

Posted 11 March 2019 in , Business and Marketing, Support, Events, Clinical

Here at TM3, innovation is key! We are always looking for new ways to improve our software and service and the beginning of 2019 has been no different.

We have added some new improvements:

Multi Practitioner Week View

Multi Practitioner

This new diary function allows a busy practice to monitor the availability for all of their practitioners on one screen. This helps to easily identify appointment gaps for patients, which is always useful to have when bookings are coming in.

This function was just newly added to TM3 web following client feedback.

Bespoke Reporting Now Available On TM3 Web

Bespoke Reporting

You can now get bespoke reports built on our TM3 web platform. This allows you to report on aspects of your business that are slightly more specific to you.*

This new feature simply adds to the catalogue of standard reports already available in TM3.

Costs for bespoke reports may apply and will vary based on the report complexity

We’re Improving Our Support

Improved Support

We have a team of TM3 experts on hand to help with any questions you may have. Our support team are available via email, phone or online chat!

We have invested in improving our support process, making it easier for clinics to get in touch and have their queries answered.

The Future Is Bright

The work never stops for our development team. They are currently building lots of new features set for release in the coming months. These new features will aim to improve communication, streamline the booking process and make clinical notes even better than before.

It’s all top secret at the minute but we will let you know as soon as these exciting new features are ready.

To find out more about what TM3 has to offer contact our Sales Team now on 02890 996897.

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