What Do Our Clients Say About TM3: The Good

Posted 26 July 2019 in , TM3 News, Business and Marketing

TM3 is built on practitioner input: it’s the feedback from our users that allows us to develop new features, test those features and ensure we deliver the best possible practice management software for not only them but also their patients.

Recently we ran a campaign in order to get some honest reviews from our users, allowing us to find out what people really thought about our software (our partners over at Capterra even rewarded them with a £15 gift card for doing so!). Over the next few blogs, we’ll be giving insight into the good, the areas for improvement and what we are doing to tackle them!

Starting with the good, what did our clients have to say about TM3?

Firstly, we are delighted to say that the average score based on ease of use, customer support, features and value for money is an amazing 4.5 our of 5! We could go on sharing quotes all day but we’ve cherry picked a few so you can get back to treating patients…

We learned that our customers love our 247 reception service, which is probably one of our lesser known features. Our users have been discussing how it allows them to focus on treatments and we’ve also had a few users on twitter talk about how it’s working for their clinic whilst they are on holiday! Quote1 Unsurprisingly our clients love the cloud-based flexibility of TM3, it’s 2019 and we know many people practice across multiple clinics. Many commented how the software allows them to practice anywhere, check their diary on their mobiles and stay on top of their business from anywhere in the world. Quote2 Saving time on everyday admin tasks for practitioners was the driver behind the creation of TM3 and that’s stuck with the evolution of the product to date. It’s great to hear we are delivering exactly what we originally set out to do with some other great words from Damon. Quote3 Online Bookings has made up such a huge part of our offering in the last few years with almost all of our new clients making use of the tool. We already know the power of it when coupled with email and SMS reminders to reduce DNAs/drive business but it’s always nice to hear how it’s working for clinics. Quote4 And at the end of the day, if there’s a problem, you’ll need someone to fix it. Besides our industry leading clinical notes, we believe our customer support is one of the areas that really sets us apart from our competitors. The team are on hand to tackle any support issues or queries and can be contacted by email, live chat or phone (you wouldn’t get that with most) and that customer support love is a sentiment our customers also share! Quote5 Tune in to our next blog where we’ll be covering the areas for improvement given by our clients and what we are doing about tackling these!

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