What Do Our Clients Say About TM3: Pain Points

Posted 30 July 2019 in , TM3 News, Business and Marketing

In our last blog post, we covered some positive things our current clients had to say about TM3 from their love of our customer support teams to the flexibility of the system. However, in the spirit of transparency, we felt it was only right to also share their pain points, things they find challenging and what we are doing to address these points.

Thankfully, it quickly became apparent that our customers have a lot of more positive things to say about TM3 than negative things, however there are a few things that caught our eyes.

So, what areas are our clients struggling with/think could be improved?

We noticed that a few of our customers struggle with the power of the system.

When we built TM3, we wanted it to be just as much at home in a private practice as it is in a hospital clinic. This means we do have more functionality than a lot of our competitors however the beauty of TM3 is that it is designed in such a way that you only have to use what is relevant to you. We also have an amazing knowledge base to help you get going with any questions you have about the software!
FBQuote1 A big one for us was one customer calling out the fact that at present TM3 doesn’t offer online payments, classes or PROMs which has actually come at a great time. Whilst we can’t say too much right this second, we have some big changes coming to TM3 over the coming months with the introduction of many new features…

We expect to begin rolling out news on these updates in August so stay tuned! FBQuote2 Occasionally, we have customers request integration with third party software packages which unfortunately is not possible due to our closed API policy which we understand can be frustrating for some clinics.

We have this policy for a few reasons; firstly, we want to protect your clinic, your data and your patients and TM3 is a far more secure system with this approach. We don’t have the capability to monitor the security policies of every other software provider out there and allowing third parties via open-API could potentially put your data and patient records at risk.

Secondly, it means that with all of our features being built in-house, they are always of the highest quality and means our software is always something we are proud to put our name to. FBQuote3 We have previously explored the option of introducing clinical notes to smartphones, however trying to write detailed notes or draw clinical assessments on a mobile just wasn’t time efficient for our clients and for that reason we decided to limit clinical notes access to tablets and above. You can still check your diary anywhere on any device though!

The introduction of Artificial Intelligence is a new suggestion for us, and we aren’t aware of anyone in the market currently using it for practice management purposes. We believe that in the industry our clients operate in and with trust playing a huge part in the practitioner/patient relationship that your patients would rather decisions were made by a human than AI at this moment in time and it’s not something we have any plans to introduce.

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