Attention MSK Practitioners: Blue Zinc IT launches game-changing software TM3

Posted 25 April 2016 in , TM3 news, Business and Marketing

Attention MSK Practitioners: Blue Zinc IT launches game-changing software TM3.

Belfast, UK - Blue Zinc IT recently announced the release of TM3, the MSK sector’s first private practice software to combine the power and security of desktop software, with the flexibility of a cloud solution.

‘Practitioners have been seeking private practice software that is secure, operates on multiple devices, and allows practitioners the freedom to practice whenever, and wherever they please. We have responded to this by building TM3, a unique practice management system in the MSK sector, which makes the lives of practitioners easier and a lot more flexible. This is an exciting announcement for us and is just the start, as we have an innovative roadmap ahead.’ Said Kyle Lunn, Director of Blue Zinc IT.

Performance and Flexibility

With a completely new cloud-based interface, TM3 is beautifully designed and built with intuition and intelligence.

“I like the new look; crisp, modern and much less like a database . The speed improvements make it great to use too.” David Newman, Hantscare Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic

With TM3 practitioners can access, and stay on top of their business from just about anywhere with an internet connection. The new interface operates across multiple devices, including iMac and iPad.

‘TM3 consists of two interfaces; the desktop interface providing the power and intelligence, and the cloud interface providing the flexibility and simplicity. Combined, the two interfaces provide a complete solution to practitioners. We have combined the power and functionality of SQL server at a database level, with a host of new technologies to provide a very user friendly and intuitive user interface’ said Ronnie Johnston, Technical Director of Blue Zinc IT.

Product and Pricing

Visit the new TM3 website for pricing and a greater insight into TM3. The software is now available at - TM3

About Blue Zinc IT

Blue Zinc IT is a technology company in the health industry, specialising in automating and connecting the musculoskeletal and talking therapies arenas. Blue Zinc IT produce solutions for all parts of the market, from insurers to practitioners and they have headquarters in Belfast, UK. For more information see Blue Zinc IT

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