Keeping Your Clinic Running This Summer

Posted 29 May 2019 in , TM3 News, Business and Marketing

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Summer is just around the corner. The weather gets better (for atleast a couple of days if you’re here in the UK like us), the days are longer and as a result of this people are more active than in the winter months. With this heightened level of activity, typically we see more sports injuries meaning your clinic will likely have its busiest period across the summer months, but should this mean you can’t take some time off yourself?

As a practice owner, you’ll be no stranger to making sacrifices in order to keep your clinic running smoothly. Whether that’s working late nights to squeeze in some extra treatments, staying in to tackle a mountain of admin work or having to miss those summer breaks that everyone else is away on for fear of your clinic underperforming in your absence. However, with the technology available today, these sacrifices should be a thing of the past.

The summer surge

During the summer months, people do a variety of activities that can result in MSK injuries. From gardening to sports, the list of ways to pick up an injury is endless. The good thing about this is, with the majority of people taking time off work over summer, they will likely seek treatment there and then.

You may also find some patients look to squeeze in some last-minute treatments before jetting off on holiday - nobody wants to be in pain on the beach. For this reason, your clinic should operate in a way that allows you to take advantage of the surge in business across the summer months whilst granting you the freedom to take a well-deserved break yourself. So, how is this possible?

A practice management solution that works for you

Regardless of if you are a physiotherapist, chiropractor, podiatrist or osteopath, your practice management system should be cloud-based. Being tied to one place is a thing of the past, everything we do is mobile, and you should be able to practice from anywhere, at any time. This will allow you to work around not only the schedule of patients but also of your family meaning you can spend more time with loved ones of the summer months.

Additionally, you should also be able to sit back and relax knowing that your practice management system is taking care of bookings to fill your diary and sending patient communications automatically with minimal input. We have many clients who travel the world whilst TM3 fills up their diary via our online bookings and diary management tools, automates communications via SMS and MailChimp and they are safe in the knowledge that the system can be accessed on any device aslong as there is a network connection.

To find out how we can improve your operations this summer, get in touch with one of our experts to discuss the needs of your practice.

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