Physio First And Blue Zinc Become Transformational Partners

Posted 23 September 2016 in , tm3 news, business and marketing, events
Physio First and Blue Zinc become transformational partners

Physio First and Blue Zinc have entered into a transformational partnership which will provide unique benefits to private physiotherapists across the United Kingdom. The transformational partnership is a first for both organisations and indicates an exciting future ahead.

What does this mean?

In Physio First, we have a partner who is respected in the industry and an ally who can help us reach our vision to help clinics transform how they work both clinically and as a business by providing innovative solutions. Physio First is the trade association for chartered physiotherapists in private practice, with over 3,000 members. They exist to champion evidence-based, cost-effective private physiotherapy with Physio First members in the changing healthcare marketplace.

Physio First have completely transformed their organisation. A lot of this transformation involves finding new and exciting ways in which they can support their members better. One of these ‘new ways’ is being the only professional membership organisation who can offer the following 5 unique member benefits:

  1. The latest and unique marketplace information
  2. The ability to benchmark your practice
  3. Access to their private LinkedIn forum
  4. ‘Data For Impact’ data collection project
  5. The Quality Assured Practitioner Scheme

At Blue Zinc we have developed the most innovative solutions in the market for clinic referral management, so it is a perfect match for Physio First and Blue Zinc to work more closely.

Benefits are beginning already - new self-pay referrals from Physio First!

There are a lot of exciting developments in the pipeline for Physio First and Blue Zinc, which of course we will keep you informed of, but for now, the benefits have already started!

Physio First’s new website has now been launched and contains a host of useful information for their members and the public. It also includes a revamped ‘Find a Physio’ directory site for the general public who will now be able to book an appointment directly with Physio First members. This is made possible by Blue Zinc’s unique Pronto Network service which makes receiving referrals and appointments a lot easier for clinics.

How do I get the Pronto Network?

Clinic’s who use TM2, TM3 or PPS practice management systems can receive referrals and appointments directly into their practice management diaries, greatly reducing their administration. If you use TM2, TM3 or PPS as your practice management system, contact them today to get set up on this great new service. Members who don’t use one of these systems, do not worry, there’s a solution for everyone! Members who do not have TM2, TM3 or PPS can still be part of this service and receive referrals by registering on the Pronto Portal.

Will Physio First members continue to receive 10% off TM3?

Yes, members will continue to receive 10% off TM3 as part of the new transformational partnership. If you would like to find out more about TM3, click here.

How do I become a member of Physio First?

If you’re not already a member, there has never been a better time to join, signing up is easy! Simply, click Physio First to discover the many benefits associated with being a member.

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