Team TM3: Pete McMorrow

Posted 18 April 2019 in , Business and Marketing, Support


Initially joining Blue Zinc as a TM2 Sales Executive, Pete now leads our Client Relationship and Sales teams and knows our customers like the back of his hands. We caught up with Pete to find out more about his role here and how he manages to successfully avoid making the coffee round.

What has your career journey looked like so far and what drew to Blue Zinc?

“My career started off in banking customer services before I switched into a field sales role in the medical industry. The world of IT was an avenue I was keen to explore, and Blue Zinc seemed a great place to blend my previous experiences.”

You’re a man of many hats, what does your average day look like?

“It’s the old cliché of ‘no two days are the same’, however maintaining structure to try and organise/prioritise by checking my calendar is usually a good place to start. Typically, I’ll have some tasks with a deadline that I’m working towards, but the nature of my role requires me to be reactive.

Recently I’ve been spending a lot of time speaking with clients to hear their thoughts and feedback and making sure that they are represented when it comes to changes in our products. I’ll also be on hand most days to help with the teams I’m involved with - Sales, Client Relationship Team and Technical Support.

These days I’ve been trying to take lunch out of the office, stretching the legs and getting away from the screens. It’s been suggested that I do my best to avoid making communal coffee rounds for my team and while there may be some truth to that, it’s always good that my colleagues will help ensure adequate levels of caffeine intake are maintained.

Working with great people is an unsung bonus anywhere and there is a great culture here at Blue Zinc which reflects in the level of care we are able to give to our clients.”

What noticeable changes have you seen in the industry over the last few years?

“Over the last few years, the MSK industry has become much more technology aware. It seems that it’s no longer our job to prove the benefits of having a computerised diary and notes, the proof for that case is widely known. Our job has shifted to giving the clinic enough information so that they make the right investment for their clinic. Starting off the right way can be massively beneficial to a clinic trying to grow at pace.

The introduction of Pronto was also a disruption in the industry. We knew of clinics frustrations with additional admin around the referral process, so introducing a tool Pronto allowed us to minimise the pain sometimes associated with this process.”

Working so closely with our clients must be rewarding at times, what’s the most rewarding part of your role?

“Getting thanks for our clients is hugely rewarding - I’ll usually get a message of thanks from clients we’ve been working with every few weeks and it’s really gratifying to hear, not just for me but for all the teams involved. It’s always nice to know that our work is helping to make a difference!”

Having young children striking a work/life balance is important, how is your time outside work typically spent?

“Once I finish work, my Client Relationship and Sales hats are often swapped for my chauffeur one. My two sons keep me on my toes making sure they get to their Gaelic and Hurling matches and weekends are no different. When time allows, I try to get out to the cinema or for a nice meal with my wife.”

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