Team TM3: Niall McKeever

Posted 3 April 2019 in , Business and Marketing, Support


Over the coming weeks we’ll be getting to know some of the people at the heart of Blue Zinc, from our Directors and Developers to our Sales and Customer Support teams.

Meet Niall, a TM3 Sales Consultant whose career story is a bit different to your average. We caught up with Niall to find out about his background in sports, the transition into sales and what he enjoys most about his role here at Blue Zinc.

Nialls career journey has been a bit different to most, starting off down under in professional sport…

“In my early years I was fortunate enough to be involved in professional sport over in Australia, playing for Brisbane Lions AFL football team for 4 years between 2009 and 2013 before returning to Belfast.

The time spent in Australia was a dream come true and really helped me grow as a person. Whilst many might not see a direct link, I think my time in sports has helped me to develop many of the characteristics now used in my professional life here at Blue Zinc, such as the importance of hard work, integrity and resilience for success, regardless of occupation.”

And the link from professional sports to sales is closer than many might expect.

“When changing occupation, working with like-minded people on a daily basis was a big factor.

At TM3, every day I am in direct contact with therapists and practitioners across the industry and with my experience and Sports Science background it makes it much easier to communicate and relate to the technicalities of their job.”


Building relationships from an early stage is a huge part of what we do at TM3.

“A core part of our offering is the support we provide, and IT begins with a consultative approach to sales at the initial enquiry stage. Maintaining daily contact with each of prospective client, regardless of size is a huge part of my day. From walking them through guided tours of the product to answering questions and queries they might have.

Opening their eyes on how we can help streamline their operations to allow them to get on with treating clients. We see TM3 as an investment for clinics and supporting prospective clients with the business case to demonstrate this is a great way to show how they could improve the way their clinic is run.”

Our teams work relentlessly to help clinics to perform and reach the potential of their practice.

“Seeing a clinic thriving as a result of using the different elements of TM3 is the biggest reward. We know that TM3 helps to streamline practitioner’s current processes however seeing a client realise this for themselves and becoming an advocate is amazing.

Having brought on numerous clients to the company and seeing their clinics grow and prosper with the establishment of TM3 is a hugely satisfying.”

To find out more about how TM3 can help your practice perform to its full potential, speak to one of our consultants now on 028 9099 6897.

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