Team TM3: Aodín Gallagher

Posted 15 April 2019 in , Business and Marketing, Support


Joining us 5 years ago, Aodín now leads our Technical Support Team here at Blue Zinc, working closely with our customers to make sure their practice performs to its full potential. We caught up with Aodín to find out a bit more about our her background, our support function and what goes on behind the scenes here at TM3.

Tell us a bit about your background and what led you to Blue Zinc?

“Not long after graduating from the University of Ulster, I decided to put my degree in ICT to use down south and made the move to Dublin where I worked in a couple of different roles from small IT companies to an international multimedia company.

My first few roles helped me to find my feet and I quickly discovered my passion for both helping people and ensuring they got the best out of a system. There are no problems only solutions – became my motto. After a couple of great years in Dublin, I moved back to Belfast and joined Blue Zinc’s Tech Support Team in 2014. I always felt it was easy to get lost in the noise of a big company and the role was a perfect fit me, a medium sized company where you know your work is valued by both client and company. The culture immediately drew me in, and it really felt like one big family.”

What does an average day look like in Technical Support?

“I know it sounds very cliché, but every day is completely different in the support. The team have a varying range of responsibilities from ensuring all avenues of support are covered for our clients to running implementation and training with new/existing clients as well as generating content for our Online Knowledge Base.

The team also have to make sure we can be reactive to the queries that come in from our client base – so some days can get quite hectic especially when we push out new updates and such. We operate as one big unit, and as well as helping the clients through all their own queries we also take time to train each other. As the system changes and grows so does the type of queries that come in, and we need to be able to help each client with all eventualities.

Every day is still a learning day, even for me.”


What is the most interesting or rewarding part of your job?

“For me, it’s 2-fold – first it’s our clients. We put them first in everything and we try to make sure they are getting the best out of the system. We get lots of great feedback from our clients and escalating their ideas help shape our products.

The best part is the relationship that grows with each Practice and the gratitude from someone when their fears are calmed, or something is fixed that they were worried about. Knowing they can rely on us to help them through any issues but also to support the growth of their business. The second biggest rewarding part of my role is watching the team learn and grow individually and as a group. From when they walk in the door, go through their training and take that first step into Support. The first few months can be quite intense, so seeing them settle into the role and develop their knowledge generates a real sense of pride in them. We have become a very tight knit group in that we rely on each other for support also.”

You’ve been here a while, what noticeable changes have you seen in the industry in the last few years?

“The main one for has been how the practitioner’s world is changing. With flexible working becoming ever increasing, they need everything to be easily accessible, mobile and all within one package. The rise of the small businesses means that one practitioner needs to be completing all aspects of their business on the go and this was where the need for TM3web came from. It is an all-encompassing application from finance and clinical notes system through to being accessible across devices it has radically changed how practitioners are able to access their clinic information.

Practitioners need the flexibility to be able to lay in bed a night and check what appointments they have the next morning, they need to be able to send invoices whilst on the move and have to be able to take themselves off on a holiday whilst still being able to check on how their clinic is performing.”

Tell us a bit more about what you do outside of work?

“Unwinding for me is usually a pint with friends and catching up. I am a total film and TV fanatic, love going to the cinema or binging a new series.

Family is very important to me, so I try to get home to visit them often and spend as much time as possibly with my niece. Aside from that, I have a big passion for watching the snooker and rugby, also trying to not poison my friends with my dodgy cheesecake concoctions.”

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