Are You Falling Short On Patient Engagement?

Posted 16 May 2019 in , TM3 News, Business and Marketing

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Customer experience plays a huge part in both the survival and growth of any business and the MSK industry is no different. For many private practice owners, it is far more efficient and cost effective to retain existing clients than to constantly look for new patients. However, if your patients aren’t engaged as they could be, you could be setting yourself up for failure.

As a practitioner, you spend a huge amount of time keeping up with best practices, research and offering educational pieces to provide effective care for patients. You spend time networking, mentoring and learning best business practices but often these days, providing outstanding customer service is overlooked. With so many clinics to choose from, it is important to make your patients feel engaged, involved and valued or risk losing them to another clinic.

Engaging before a patient arrives

The engagement journey begins before your patient sets foot in your clinic. From the moment a booking is made, whether it’s via online bookings or telephone, this is your chance to send relevant information to the patient, build a relationship from an early point and create a ‘wow’ factor. The more engaged your patients are, the more likely they are to return for further treatments and also recommend your business to others.

TM3 gives you the tools to automate communications to send information to patients meaning you won’t detract from time spent with patients when they arrive. Many clinics send a range of information via both SMS and email reminders in the weeks and days leading up to appointments. This includes directions, instructions on what to wear, an introduction to your practice and articles with more information on the condition they are visiting for.

Not only does automating communications work to improve patient engagement, it also works to reduce the number of DNA’s at your practice meaning none of your valuable diary slots are wasted.

Bringing your patients closer with TM3

By the time your patient arrives for their first appointment, they should already feel connected with your practice. During their appointment, you have the chance to continue building trust through further engagement.

Typically, clinical notes would have been done on paper, making patient engagement near to impossible, however with TM3’s clinical notes, you can bring your patient closer to the treatment than ever before. By digitalising your note taking, TM3 allows you to work closely with your patients to annotate trigger points and highlight areas of pain using TM3’s sketchpad and create scores and goals with patients to demonstrate transparency and much more.

For more information on TM3 and how we can help improve your patient engagement, get in touch to request a demo.

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