Keep your clinic running this summer!

Posted 5 July 2018 in , Business and Marketing, Support

Summertime is here… bring on the sunshine, holidays and BBQs. As much as we would all love to spend every day relaxing, clinics can’t close for all of us to enjoy the weather. So the question is… how can clinics keep things running while staff take well deserved breaks? Here are some suggestions:

Keep your clinic running this summer!

Online bookings

Summer aches and pains can occur at any time and people want to get an appointment ASAP to limit their “down time” during the holiday season. With online bookings you can open your clinic up to receive appointments at any time of day (or night!). It’s simple - just put a link on your website and patients can book appointments straight into your diary.

24/7 reception services

For those people who want to make appointments over the phone, we suggest 247 reception services. This means whether your whole clinic is closed, your receptionist is off, or you are busy with other patients, you won’t miss any valuable appointments. TM3 247 reception staff are trained in clinic operations and can put appointments into your diary right away.

Practice anytime, anywhere

Want to know how busy your first day back in clinic after holidays will be? TM3 allows you to gain access to your account anytime, anywhere, ensuring you can keep up to date with all that is going on in the clinic. You can also run your clinic on multiple devices with seamless integration between platforms, so whether you work on laptops or tablets, TM3 can work for you.

Text messages

Do you find that people tend to “forget” about their appointments when the sun is shining? Set up automatic text message reminders for your appointments to help combat those pesky DNAs.

So if you are thinking of taking some time away from the clinic this summer, we suggest you make a plan to ensure you are coming back to a busy clinic, which will help to distract from the holiday blues.

If you want more information on any of these features, please call 03333 442 600 to speak to one of our TM3 experts.

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