Feature Release: BUPA Report on TM3

Posted 11 September 2019 in , TM3 News, Business and Marketing, Clinical, Support

The chances are, if you’re searching around for practice or clinic management software then you’ll probably have noticed most suppliers are saying the same things. We all have a diary management software, online bookings tools and receptions management tools. It can be hard to identify exactly what makes each software solution unique and the right fit for your clinic…

In line with our continued development process, every now and then we release a new feature that you won’t find on Cliniko, PPS, Power Diary or any other practice management software in 2019. So today we are delighted to announce the release of our BUPA Report tool only available on TM3!

So, what is the BUPA Report?

If you work with BUPA then you’ll know the importance of collecting data and reporting upon it.

As with all of our features, we wanted to reduce the time you spend on admin. We have covered all the KPI requirements in a single report to ensure you spend as much time with patients as possible.

The report includes:

• Average number of days from the start of treatment to discharge by impairment
• Average number of new to follow up sessions by impairment
• Average clinical outcome measure of improvement (PROMs)
• % of patients completing PROM data
• Average wait time between referral and appointment for the last 6 months
• % of clinical notes audited in the last 6 months
• Number of Members who have completed a satisfaction survey in the last 6 months
• Annual patient experience score
• Sessional Averages by sub-speciality
• % of Consultant referrals over the past 6 months
• % of Bupa members referred for onward referral to another clinical specialist
• % of members advised to self-manage after the initial session

How can you find out more?

We’ll be releasing some handy training videos to get existing clients started with the BUPA report however if you would like to know more, simply open a live chat, book a demo or call us to find out more about how we can help your clinic.

Think our clinical software solution could be right for your business?