GDPR, TM3 And You

Find out more about how TM3 can help you and your clinic on the way to GDPR compliance.

The new General Data Protection Regulation came into effect on 25th May 2018 and clinics will have to make some changes in order to comply with the new rules. TM3 can play an important role in your journey to GDPR compliance.

It will give your clinic an important foundation which combined with your organisational measures ensures you can run a secure and GDPR compliant clinic. Throughout GDPR is it important to look at each principle and the data you hold to ensure you are compliant.

Take a look at how TM3 can help you with some aspects of GDPR:

Prevention of unlawful access or disclosure of personal data

  • TM3 stores your data in 2 27001 accredited data centres within the UK.
  • TM3 has secure user level functions - you can restrict access to only the information a user should see.

Subject Access Request (SAR)

  • It is easy to export patient data in the event of a SAR at the click of a button.

High security of sensitive data

  • TM3's new clinical records make securing clinical records easier than ever before with our user friendly, innovative system.

Ensuring accuracy of patient data

  • TM3 keeps data in one place making updates quick and easy.
  • TM3's new clinical records enables a patient's PMH to follow all cases within the clinic.

Prevention of accidental loss or destruction of personal data

  • TM3 automatically keeps a secure back up of all patient data - this removes the risks of losing one single copy of information.


  • TM3 helps with the tracking and management of patient consent.

We take data security seriously

Here at TM3 we want to ensure that you are 100% confident in our ability to provide a safe and secure service.

  • We have a dedicated team of security experts who work solely on data hosting and security.
  • We have also invested heavily in hardware, infrastructure and systems to ensure a high quality data hosting service.

A practice management system on its own cannot make you compliant but it can address key issues. Call 03333 442 600 to find out how TM3 can help you.

If you want to learn more about GDPR, we have a series of webinar recordings available which will explain the new regulation and how it might affect your clinic. Contact a member of our team to find out about our webinars.

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