About Us

We are a different kind of technology company. Above all, we believe in building exceptional products for our clients

TM3 Directors


Kyle Lunn, Ronnie Johnston, and Colette Pennick (sales director) lead the revolution at TM3, providing the teams with direction, enthusiasm to create industry changing software.

TM3 Sales and Marketing Team

Sales and Marketing

TM3’s sales and marketing team ensure the MSK industry understands how awesome TM3 is. If you are out and about at conferences you are sure to see these guys commanding TM3’s exhibition stand, preaching the software’s amazing benefits.

TM3 development team


The development team is where it all starts, after a few morning coffees that is. Passionate craftsmen with a love for everything code, these guys are the creators at TM3.

TM3 testing team


Nothing gets past these guys. Equipped with hawk eyes and technological genius, the testing team ensures the product we provide is amazing and ready for action.

TM3 projects team


The projects team works with the special assignments TM3 are regularly tasked with. For these guys, there’s no task too big or too complex, they are always sure to get the job done and with style.

TM3 support team


The support team are the troops on the ground. Armed with happiness and a complete knowledge of all Blue Zinc IT products, there’s no query that gets past these guys without resolve.

TM3 client focus team

Client Focus Team

The Client Focus team is equipped with the knowledge and communication skills to help you kick start your journey with TM3.

TM3 administration team


The administration team keeps the company organised, which is certainly no mean feat. Life lesson, always be nice to a team who controls when you get paid.

TM3 system administration team

Internal Systems Team

The Internal Systems Team manage and develop Blue Zinc's business cloud and network infrastructure. If it's a business critical IT system, then these guys look after it.

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